2008: First annual symposium of the Luxembourg Bioinformatics Network (LuciLinX)

The symposium took place on October 16th 2008 at the “Chambre de Commerce” conference centre. It was organised by the CRP-Santé, in cooperation with LuxInnovation, the National Agency for Innovation and Research, in the context of their Health Sciences and Technologies Cluster project “BioHealth”. Funding was kindly provided by CRP-Santé and the University of Luxembourg.

Morning programme


8:30h Registration opens
9:00h Welcome and workshop opening Jean-Claude Schmit, Director of CRP-Santé Anne-Marie Ternes, LuciLinX coordinator

Session 1. CRP-Santé

9:15h Bioinformatics@CRP-Santé Daniel Struck, Retrovirology Laboratory
9:30h Bioinformatics for microarray analysis Arnaud Muller, Microarray Center
10:00h New tools for metadata extraction and image analysis for SIMS and confocal microscopy: applications in biology using isotopically labelled probes Patrick Pirrotte, Department of Immunology

10:30h Coffee break

Session 2. LBMCCancer

11:00h Bioinformatics @ the Laboratoire de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire du Cancer Marc Diederich, LBMCC
11:15h Transcriptome analysis of the molecular effects of Heteronemin, a sesterterpene from the marine sponge Hyrtios reticulata, on K562 human leukemia cells Serge Eifes, LBMCC

Session 3. Invited talk

11:45h Wikipathways, using community knowledge to understand genomics Chris Evelo, Department of Bioinformatics BiGCaT, University of Maastricht

12:15 Light buffet lunch

Afternoon programme

Session 4. University of Luxembourg

1:30h Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Concepts of the University of Luxembourg Eric Tschirhart, UL
1:45h Computer-based approaches for the analysis of biosystems in vitro and in living cells Evelyne Friederich, Cytoskeleton and Cell Plasticity Laboratory, UL
2:15h Omics resource for transcription factors and subsequent applications Merja Heinäniemi, UL

2:45h Coffee break

Session 5. Invited talk

3:05h Modeling and Inference of Transcriptional Regulatory Networks Ilya Shmulevich, Institute of Systems Biology ISB, Seattle, USA
3:35h ELIXIR - European Life Sciences Infrastructure for Biological Information Bengt Persson, Professor of Bioinformatics, Director of the National Supercomputer Centre, Linköping University and Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Session 6. CRP-Gabriel Lippmann

3:50h Bioinformatic activities at the department ‘Environment and Agro-Biotechnologies’ at CRP-Gabriel Lippmann Danièle Evers, CRP-GL
4:05h From gene comparison to genome comparison: new opportunities and perspectives for microorganisms Matias Pasquali, CRP-GL
4:35h Tools for the identification of proteins from non-model species: a case study on oak Kjell Sergeant, CRP-GL

5:05h Coffee break

Session 7. CRP-Henri Tudor

5:20h The Information Technology Side of the Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg Nico Mack, CR SANTEC, CRP-Henri Tudor

Session 8. Open discussion

5:35h The future of LuciLinX and bioinformatics in Luxembourg An open discussion in the presence of the day's speakers and representatives of institutions involved in bioinformatics in Luxembourg and abroad.

6:05h End of sessions

6:15h Reception