2008: First annual symposium of the Luxembourg Bioinformatics Network (LuciLinX)

The symposium took place on October 16th 2008 at the “Chambre de Commerce” conference centre. It was organised by the CRP-Santé, in cooperation with LuxInnovation, the National Agency for Innovation and Research, in the context of their Health Sciences and Technologies Cluster project “BioHealth”. Funding was kindly provided by CRP-Santé and the University of Luxembourg.

Satisfaction survey

We asked the attendants of the 2008 Symposium to fill in an evaluation form, so as to get feedback about the event's organisation and content. We felt such an evaluation to be especially important because this was a first-time event for LuciLinX and bioinformatics in Luxembourg.

These are the results of the evaluation.

We collected 37 forms (of 100 participants).

How much did you enjoy the symposium?
  • 12 "very satisfied"
  • 21 "fairly satisfied"
  • 4 "not bad, but not very satisfied"
  • 0 "unsatisfied"
Did the symposium meet your expectations?
  • 31 "yes"
  • 3 "no"
  • 2 "yes and no"
  • 1 no reply
Are you satisfied by the organisation of the event (registration, meeting room, catering)?
  • 31 yes, yes, yes
  • 2 yes, so-so, yes
  • 3 yes, no, yes
  • 1 yes, yes, no reply
How were you informed about this symposium?
  • 1 no reply
  • 1 "others"
  • 1 "poster"
  • 3 "article in the media"
  • 5 "by the teacher"
  • 2 "by LuxInnovation and LuciLinX"
  • 12 "LuciLinX"
  • 12 "LuxInnovation"
Did the open discussion meet your expectations?
  • 18 no reply
  • 5 "no"
  • 14 "yes"
Would you be interested in attending a practical tutorial session in the near future?
  • 27 "yes"
  • 4 "no"
  • 6 no reply