2009: Second Bioinformatics Meeting of the Luxembourg Bioinformatics Network (LuciLinX)

The symposium took place on October 9th 2009 at the University of Luxembourg, Campus Limpertsberg, Science Building. The meeting was organised by the Systems Biology Unit of the Faculty of Life Sciences of the University of Luxembourg, in cooperation with all the LuciLinX member institutions.

The format of the 2009 edition was different from the previous year. The morning programme was dedicated to talks and presentations, while the afternoon featured 2 parallel sessions of practical workshops.

The symposium was again attended by around 100 participants. The workshops were highly successful, with all seats taken and some attendants even sitting on the floor.

Funding was provided the University of Luxembourg and CRP-Santé.

Morning session: Talks

Time Speaker Title
8h15 Carsten Carlberg Start, Welcome
8h30 Rudi Balling, Director of the Center for Systems Biology Luxembourg (CSBL), UL Interdisciplinarity: Easier said, than done! Plans for the new Centre for Systems Biology Luxembourg
9h00 Robert Hewitt, Director of the Integrated Biobank Luxembourg, IBBL The Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg - ­ Current status and future plans
9h30 Antonio del Sol, UL Bioinformatics approaches to protein function: From a molecular to a systems level perspective
9h50 Matti Nykter (ISB, Tampere University of Technology) Modeling transcriptional regulation
10h10 BREAK
10h30 Merja Heinäniemi (UL) Systematic identification of regulatory network motifs from public microarray data
10h45 Anke Wienecke (UL) The Regulatory SNP Project
11h00 Patrick Pirrotte (CRP Henri Tudor) The Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg - Status of IT implementation
11h15 Serge Eifes (LBMCC) Valproic acid acts as a modulator of hematopoietic homeostasis: a gene expression profiling approach
11h30 Tony Kaoma, Etienne Moussay (CRP-Santé, Lab. of Experimental Hemato-Oncology), Arnaud Muller (CRP-Santé, Microarray Center) HADb, Human Autophagy Database
11h45 Danièle Evers (CRP Gabriel Lippmann) Systems biology applied to plant stress responses

Afternoon session: Workshops

Time Parallel Session 1 (details) Parallel Session2 (details)
13h00 - 15h00 Part 1: Introduction to R and Bioconductor Part 2: Statistical tools for biologists Protein identification
15h00 BREAK
15h15 - 17h15 Imaging in biology using ImageJ Basics of Systems Biology

17h15: Closing and drinks!