These are national and international bioinformatics or related workshops and conferences:

WCSB 2010, 7th Internation Workshop on Computational Systems Biology

  • June 16-18, 2010
  • Luxembourg
  • Website

FNR Events Calendar 2010

A list of upcoming conferences, presentations and science promoting events.

Phylogenetic Workshop of the Rega Institute

16th International BioInformatics Workshop on Virus Evolution and Molecular Epidemiology

Proteomlux 2010

ImageJ User and Developer Conference 2010

ISMB 2010

18th Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB)

ECCB 2010

European Conference on Computational Biology
  • September 26-29
  • Ghent, Belgium
  • Website

Second RECOMB Satellite Conference on Bioinformatics Education

EMBL courses and conferences 2010

Wellcome Trust Advanced Courses

2010 Calendar of the Human Genome Project

Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics

  • June 14 - 30, 2010
  • University of Washington
  • Website

LBMCC Meeting 2011: Integrated Cellular Pathology - Systems biology of human disease

  • January 26-29, 2011
  • European Conference Center Luxembourg
  • Website