Who are we?

The first meeting of the Luxembourg Bioinformatics Network LuciLinX was held on April 2 at 2h30 pm at CRP-Santé by representatives of the major public and private research institutions active in the field of bioinformatics in Luxembourg.

These are:

The network has two principal goals:

  1. promote communication between bioinformaticians in Luxembourg
  2. increase the national and international visibility of bioinformatics research and applications in Luxembourg

The network meets when topics need to be discussed and decisions taken, and is in contact in the meanwhile by means of a mailing list.

The network will also organise from 2008 on an annual symposium / workshop aimed at exchanging latest results and ongoing project information with local as well as international colleagues.

Other activities include an active website, mailing list, presence at student and career fairs, participation in international bioinformatics conferences...

Download: LuciLinX mission statement (PDF)

Contact: Anne-Marie Ternes, anne-marie.ternes AT crp-sante.lu