Workshops 2010

Statistical data analysis in ExcelPetr NazarovSingle (6 hours)14 June 2010
Biolab - Informatics meets Biology
Do it Yourself: Quantitative PCR
Stephanie KreisCycle, 1 topic per day28 July 2010, 9h00 - 17h00
Phylogeny for BeginnersNancy Gerloff, Daniel StruckSingle (3 hours)29 July 2010, 14h00 - 17h00
Introduction to Linux, tailored towards bioITAnke Wienecke-BaldacchinoCycle (9 hours)POSTPONED. New date will be proposed soon.
Image processing in Microscopy and Biomedical ImagingPatrick Pirrotte, Sebastien Plançon, Céline Hoffmann, Andreas Jahnen, Christian Moll6-hour course, divided into 2 sections of 3 hours each17 + 24 September 2010
Database DesignAnne-Marie TernesSingle26 October 2010
Introduction to RPetr Nazarov, Thomas UdelhovenSingle22 November 2010
Introduction to Metabolic Network ModellingThomas SauterSingle30 November 2010
Protein ModellingKarthik Arumugamtbdlate January 2011