Introduction to Metabolic Network Modelling

Offered by:LuciLinX with Prof. Thomas Sauter, University of Luxembourg
When:30 November 2010
Where:University of Luxembourg, Campus Limpertsberg
Duration:9:00h - 15:00h, 2 breaks
Requirements:No prior knowledge required. Matlab + additional toolboxes will be used. A limited number (10) of pre-installed laptops will be available.
Restrictions:Max number of participants: 20, i.e. 2 participants sharing one laptop.
Registration:By email to Prof. Thomas Sauter. Deadline: 15 November.
Contact:thomas DOT sauter AT uni DOT lu


Session 1: 9:00h - 10:30h

  • Describing the structure of metabolic networks: the stoichiometric matrix
  • Basic features of the stoichiometric matrix
Session 2: 11:00h - 12:30h
  • Modelling metabolic networks: the constraint based approach
  • Case study / Matlab demo: Building and analyzing a model of the Chloroplast Carbon Metabolism
Session 3: 13:30h - 15:00h
  • Basics of the genome-wide reconstruction of metabolic networks
  • Integrating metabolic networks and transcriptomics / proteomics data