Statistical data analysis in Excel

LuciLinX and the Microarray Center of CRP-Santé present the Statistical data analysis in Excel workshop.

The course gives an overview of applied statistical data analysis in Excel. It is oriented at researchers, engineers and students, who having no advanced knowledge in statistics, use or would like to use its methods in their practice. Practical examples (conducted in Excel) are integrated into the workshop, allowing immediate application of the obtained knowledge.

Offered by:LuciLinX and the Microarray Center of CRP-Santé
When:31 October 2011
Where:University of Luxembourg, Bâtiment des Sciences, Room 0.11
Duration:6-hour course, divided into 4 sections of 1.5 hours each
Requirements:Laptop with Microsoft Excel (ideally, with preinstalled Analysis ToolPack). Several computers will be available as well
Restrictions:Maximum 20 participants, first-come first-serve
Registration:By email to Petr Nazarov
Contact:petr DOT nazarov AT crp-sante DOT lu

Preliminary plan:

    Section I. Introduction to statistics
  • Descriptive statistics: numerical measures and graphical presentation
  • Detection of outliers using z-score. Chebyshev's theorem.
  • Discrete probability distributions (uniform, binomial, Poisson, hypergeometric)
  • Continuous probability distributions (uniform, Gaussian, exponential)
    Section II. Sampling statistics and hypothesis testing
  • Sampling and sampling distribution.
  • Central limit theorem and its practical outcomes
  • Interval estimation for the means and proportions
  • Unpaired and paired t-test
    Section III. Linear modeling: ANOVA and Linear Regression
  • Interval estimation and hypotheses for variance (chi-square and F statistics)
  • Linear regression
    Section IV. Advanced topics
  • Chi-square test of independence
  • Multiple hypothesis testing
  • Simulation-based analysis

If you have any proposition concerning this training workshop or would like to have information on a specific knowledge, please do not hesitate to contact:

Petr Nazarov, 
Microarray Center, CRP-Santé, 
tel: 26970283
e-mail: petr.nazarov AT