Introduction to Mendeley

Offered by:LuciLinX with Christophe Trefois
When:5 December 2012
Where:Uni Luxembourg, Campus Limpertsberg, Sciences Building, Room BSC-E00-012
Duration:13h - 17h
Requirements:Bring your laptop, PCs available
Restrictions:First-come first-serve
Registration:By email to Christophe Trefois
Contact:christophe DOT trefois AT uni DOT lu


In this workshop, we will discuss how Mendeley contributes in changing how scientists do research and how the perception of the usefulness of a modern reference management tool evolved. We will stress a few particular points that could be of interest to Scientists, such as the integration of the SFX, OpenURL, directly into Mendeley or the automatic extraction of Metadata from PDF files, groups, synchronization and many more.

We will cover both the website application and the desktop version. After this workshop, the attendees should have a clearer overview of the current state of art in reference management programs and how Mendeley positions itself in that field.

The first third of the workshop will be an interactive presentation with the possibility to ask questions. The remaining time of the workshop will be dedicated to hands-on training and depending on the progress advanced features such as integration between and Mendeley or between Mendeley and BibTeX files will be shown.

I will bring some goodies from Mendeley, so tell your friends and show up!