On p-values

LuciLinX and the Methodology and Statistics Competence Center of CRP-Santé present the On p-values workshop.

Stephen Senn clears matters up regarding p-values and the so-called statistical significance. For a critical and entertaining discussion on this topic, make sure to attend this workshop!

As a teaser, Stephen recommends reading of the following three articles:

Offered by:LuciLinX and Stephen Senn of the Methodology and Statistics Competence Center of CRP-Santé
When:30 November 2012, 11h00 - 12h30
Where:Room John Snow, CRP-Santé, Edison Building, Entry B 1st floor
Duration:1.5 hours
Restrictions:Maximum 20 participants, first-come first-serve
Registration:By email to Stephen Senn
Contact:stephen DOT senn AT crp-sante DOT lu


  1. Introduction to P-values
    • How they are defined and calculated
    • What they are
    • What they are not
  2. P-values as evidence?
    • Distribution under null
    • Distribution under alternative
    • Relevance or irrelevance of stopping rules
  3. Some controversies
    • Multiple endpoints
    • One sided versus two-sided tests
    • Reproduction probabilities
    • Two-trials rules and combining P-values

If you have any proposition concerning this training workshop or would like to have information on a specific knowledge, please do not hesitate to contact:

Stephen Senn, 
Methodology and Statistics Competence Center, CRP-Santé, 
Tél. +352 26970-894
e-mail: stephen.senn AT crp-sante.lu