Phylogeny for Beginners: Origins of the pandemic flu 2009 (H1N1)

On the basis of phylogenetic analyses most common ancestors of the influenza A (H1N1) virus will be identified.

Offered by:LuciLinX with Nancy Gerloff and Daniel Struck, CRP-Santé
When:29th July 2010
Where:CRP-Santé, Room Schumpeter
Duration:14h00 - 17h00
Requirements:Bring your laptop!
Restrictions:Maximum 20 participants, first-come first-serve
Contact:nancy DOT gerloff AT lns DOT etat DOT lu, daniel DOT struck AT crp-sante DOT lu
    This workshop will focus on the following approaches
  1. Download of sequences
  2. Alignments and formats of sequences
  3. Calculation and editing of phylogenetic trees
  4. Interpretation of results
  5. Overview of advanced phylogenetic analysis